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The Ideal Quarantine Anthem To Beat Isolation

I participated The artist, Meet Khamisi , Her followers, a new video clip of her via her Instagram account, as she dances to the bella song of the famous rapper Gims, in which she appeared from inside her home while she was spending the quarantine period at home. In a 2016 interview with The Irish Times, Hamilton said that she wanted her music to be down-to-earth songs that you could share with a friend.” (During this coronavirus outbreak, we don't recommend sharing with a friend, unless it's over FaceTime.) Sink into Plastic Skeletons” or The Grass Begins to Eat Itself,” with elements of Khruangbin guitar layered with bluesy-rock vocals.
Producer iMarkkeyez made a trap-EDM remix that uses a clip of Cardi B yelling about her coronavirus anxieties and frustrations at government inaction on her Instagram Ever the queen of social media, Cardi posted about the track and in a day it climbed to No. 5 (and counting) on the iTunes hip-hop chart.

The show wasn't over until Lanez hosted a quarantine twerk contest, playing twerk anthems like City Girls' " Act Up ," and Choppa's " Choppa Style" Women who didn't want to twerk had to show their other talents, unlike one unlucky woman who was kicked off Live for apparently having no talent.
Washington State has suffered the most deaths related to COVID-19 since authorities started tracing the pandemic's impact in the U.S. Like the leaders of many other states, Governor Jay Inslee has asked his citizens to practice social distancing and to close bars and restaurants temporarily.

This weekend marked the first time many Americans found themselves having to stay indoors after lawmakers urged social distancing to help prevent spreading the coronavirus. After testing positive for coronavirus earlier this month, actress Rita Wilson and her husband Tom Hanks have been stuck in quarantine.
While the World Health Organisation recommends singing ‘Happy Birthday' twice to time a 20-second hand wash, a number of songs have 20-second choruses that work just as well. This week, Spotify launched a playlist inspired by the parties, DJ D-Nice's Homeschool” D-Nice imitators have sprung up, including several DJs — Kid Capri, DJ Premiere, Questlove — with similar old-school hip-hop pedigrees.

Katy Perry, Madonna, Shawn Mendes, Halle Berry, and Cheryl all have something in common - they've publicly fallen for a meme that shows quarantined Italians on balconies singing along to popular songs. Wilson's video quickly caught the attention of her celebrity friends, who took to the comments to compliment her on her rapping skills.
But the COVID-19 Quarantine Party” playlist is the only coronavirus-related playlist on Spotify. Rita Wilson rapped along to Naughty by Nature in a fun video she shared while in coronavirus quarantine. We're all dealing with the coronavirus To have a few hours of not worrying about a thing and hearing music, celebrating with each other and allowing that to relieve some stress is important.
Quarantined Italians have been keeping up morale during the national coronavirus lockdown by singing, dancing and playing instruments from their balconies. To hold us over until his New Toronto 3 album, Tory Lanez put in his gold grills for his music video for W” On the new single, he talks about his highs and lows in life before the money and fame, which he uses as inspiration on the road to success.

In the 57 seconds rap video, which has since gone viral, the Senator encouraged Kenyans to stay safe and comply with the government's directives in a bid to avoid further spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. India has been in a 21-day lockdown from March 25 to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

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