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Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer

A motorcycle accident lawyer will help acquire compensation for the victim's treatment and suffering. Attorneys often get a bad rap for being more interested in money than people, but that stereotype doesn't apply to all of us. I care about doing what's right, and more than anything, I want to help you put this difficult time behind you — but I can only do that if you reach out for help.
If you or someone you love has been injured by the carelessness or negligence of another person or persons in southern California, or if you are injured in that way in the future, let an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney - Chris Purcell - help you fight for the compensation you need and for the justice you genuinely deserve.

When an insurance company completes a claim investigation, it will offer a lump settlement to the victim in the hopes that they accept it and move on. In exchange for this settlement, the victim will be required to waive their rights to any future legal actions against the insurance company or their client for the accident, meaning that this lump sum is intended to cover EVERYTHING related to the accident, including future issues.
I was referred to this law firm from a family member and I glad I made the right choice attorney A. Oropallo was very patient with me and especially when I explained my case to him and Jose They knew right away on what my case was involving and advised me on how to handle my case.

The impact of a brain injury on someone's life can be devastating, but a brain injury attorney can help lessen the strain the brain injury has caused by recovering damages the brain injury patient is entitled to. Of all the injuries that an individual can suffer, brain related injuries are among the most frightening and the most deadly.
For more than two decades in southern California, Anaheim personal injury attorney Chris Purcell has represented personal injury victims in claims involving car , truck, bus, motorcycle, pedestrian, and bicycle accidents; construction injuries and other workplace accidents ; incidents of medical malpractice; injuries caused by dangerous consumer products; police misconduct; other negligence-based personal injuries; and wrongful death claims.

Because of this, the Orange County personal injury lawyer team at Panish Shea & Boyle, LLP have years of experience and can help fight for maximum compensation for your case, whether it happened in Irvine, Anaheim, or anywhere throughout Orange County.
Chris resolves most personal injury claims by negotiating out-of-court settlements, but - when a settlement simply is not available - Chris will not Tustin personal injury lawyer hesitate to take your case before a jury of your peers and ask them to compensate you and to hold the negligent party accountable under the law.

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